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F.A.Q (FAQs) about presales

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F.A.Q About pre-sales
  • Can I still purchase additional food when I come?
-Absolutely! You can still make additional purchases when you arrive

  • Is prepay the only way we can order food?
-No, everything will still run the same as it always has been. Prepay is a way to make sure you get food at our events. As most of y'all know, we tend to sell out fast. This will ensure you do not go away empty handed

  • Is there a way to avoid the long drive thru line?
-Yes – but only if you are picking up just your prepay. If you plan to make additional purchases then you have to go through the line. If you are only picking up your prepay items you can park and walk up to the window.We will not take extra purchases at the window

  • What confirmation # do I need to print out?
-The following image below will show you the number you need. IF you print out the paypal reciept make sure this number is shown

  • Why did ya'll run out of food? I wanted to make additional purchases
-As you know we are a fundraiser, And our goal is to balance that fine line between cooking enough, and not cooking to much. If we cook too much we lose what profit we would have made. If we lose the profit, then we all worked hard and got less money for the community. We hope in the future the prepaid and other new implements will help us judge the amount to make.

Example of check out....

Please note: a paypal reciept is fine as long as you have the confirmation # on it

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