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Our current donation drives going on right now
Helping out kids by paying for past due lunches
Kids have enough to deal with, lunch should not be one of them.

Did you know after a student reaches $8 in past due lunch accounts they are only giving a turkey sandwich, milk, and small snack for lunch everyday? It was a shock to us too. Kids go through so much with family problems, peer pressure, and social expectations, why should they have to add humility to their list? We are a big community that can spare a few dollars to help these kids out.  

Not all kids in the past due lunch category are from low income families. Many do not fall in the requirements to get reduced lunch, even though they can not afford it everyday. This is the bulk of the school's total for past-due lunches. If you have ever been in that category you would not easly forget it.  

The goal is set at $600 so we can at least help out one school. We would love to see it go far beyond this and reach all the schools in the Durham, NC area.  The end date will be close to the end of Nov 2017, hopefully in time for Thanksgiving, and for sure in time for Christmas. Please take the time to donate for these kids.

This fundraiser has ended. We are collect the amounts and will post soon

Thank you
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Lunch Fund
Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community. --Anthony J. D'Angelo
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